Let's Make a Mess

Reading my manuscript to second-graders

In December 2018, I had the chance to read my story, "Let's Make a Mess" to some curious grade two students. Listening to a class giggle at something I wrote was such a treat. They were engaging, fun and gave me some great ideas. Check out the drawings the students made of my story!  Thank you to Miss Amy for letting me borrow her wonderful class!  Wish me luck!

What's Behind My Mask

My secondary three students discuss what they hide, how they hide it, or what they wish others knew about them.

The Quebec Roots project is part of the Blue Metropolis Festival.  My students decided to write about the topic of What's Behind my Mask.  They came up with the idea after several brainstorming sessions.  The photographs you see are their personal and global messages related to who they are, how they portray themselves, or how they want to be perceived. The result is beautiful: Three table-sized collages of their writing and drawings.  The purpose was to get them thinking about and discussing what they hide behind their own mask.  The second part of the project will consist of photographing subjects related to then topic.  The end result will be their work published in this year's Quebec Roots anthology.  With the book now published, I have an overwhelming sense of pride for their work and participation in this project.

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